Ratchet County Age Lavelle


Published: May 23rd 2013

Kindle Edition

156 pages


Ratchet County  by  Age Lavelle

Ratchet County by Age Lavelle
May 23rd 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 156 pages | ISBN: | 3.57 Mb

“Everything Ratchet In Ratchet County!”Ratchet: The undesirable, foolery, and hot-ghetto mess. Yeah, all of these terms are synonymous with being ratchet. But imagine a place where being Ratchet seemed like the norm.Meet Apollo, the uneducated, so-called player, father of nine, on a total road of destruction, has played out. The women in his life are his defeat as well as his victory. He can’t seem to get right with any of them until he finally has a life changing experience that lands in on the right path.Kimmie, the unwedded, last of eight other baby-mamas’, ratchet chick, who Apollo falls for, is the epitome of foolery and hot-ghetto mess.

Unable to keep her legs closed, her hot-tot and foolish ways catch up with her. Apollo’s lust for her turns to love but deems to be not exactly what he was looking for.The tag-team duo of Apollo’s, first two baby-mamas, Shontae and Lulu, spins out of control with their obsession over him. Holding on to a thing of the past is their only motivation.All the drama, ratchetness, and pure foolery mixed in one large pot, is a recipe for disaste

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