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Anjasa Between Dungeons Collection  by  J.M. Keep

Anjasa Between Dungeons Collection by J.M. Keep
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Anjasa Between Dungeons:A sensual trip through the depraved life of an elven slut.She had been beaten and bruised, raped and enslaved, and it shaped her in ways she couldn’t possibly comprehend. All she knew was that she only felt whole when someone was touching her- fucking her.

She craved it, every minute of every day. The more exotic the men, the bigger they were, the harder they handled her, the more she came.Anjasa will be sure to have you squirming before she’s done.Cutting a Deal: Anjasa finds herself in a new, sprawling city, yet already she has two men watching her every movement. When they try to extract her to see their employer, she wont be going quietly.Demons Den: Anjasa needs an orb to trade to a mob boss for her sons life.

Fortunately for her, its being held by a demon of carnal delights who hasnt been woken in countless years. Hes horny, and shes oh so willing, even as he chokes her during sex. After all, she likes it rough, and the burning demon can definitely deliver.Dragons Lair: Anjasa was fucked, but not in the way she liked. At least, not until she tempts the dragon-born jailor to come her way. Still, when she finds out he’s too big, even for her, she has to get creative.This collection contains all three Anjasa Between Dungeons erotic shorts, inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

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